HERE IS A VIDEO TO LEARN SOME BASIC ITALIAN WORDS AND PHRASES, BEFORE YOU GO TO ITALY! After both living in Italy and traveling there several times, I have come up with some basics that I think are good to know, before getting off the plane. Hopefully these will help you to better communicate and get around through Italy. Take a look at this video, and practice some of these words and phrases and you will be well on your way to enjoying a fun and engaging experience abroad. BASIC ITALIAN LESSON:

How To Pack For Europe

KNOW BEFORE YOU GO One of the most important influencers over your travel experience is actually what you carry around. A well packed luggage is like a best friend, always there for you when you need it, contains everything important to get you through, and knows when to just shut it's zipper and listen. In this blog article I share with you some my best packing tips and tricks, and things I have learned over the years from other travelers. Use the links to shop for the products, and check out the videos (both) that I have below, to [...]