OPA! Welcome to Greece! On this special journey through Athens and the Greek Islands, you will experience the beauty and history of a country 3,000 years in the making. We will eat amazing food, capture stunning images, and explore the greatest cities that will take your breath away. This is a unique opportunity to be led by Adam DeSerio through Greece, with a perfect balance between historic discovery, beautiful photo opportunities, fun activities, and relaxation. On your intimate Greek excursion (Group Size: Limited to 8 people), Adam will be recommending local restaurants and specific menu items along the way.

This trip is exclusively for Terry’s Private Group only. For information about coming on a trip like this with your own private group of 6-8 people, please contact DeSerio Tours directly and we will be happy to work with you to create the perfect Greece or Italy tour of your own!

We begin where it all began… In beautiful Athens, discovering the main attractions (Parthenon, Acropolis, Delphi, and more), where you will gain insight of the Ancient Greeks, as well as learn to cook up some amazing Greek food! Next we travel by ferry to the island of Mykonos, and enjoy exploring the city and local shops, photographing the incredible windmills and unique streets. Then take a private sailboat around the island and to the archaeological island of Delos. Next, a short ferry ride to the island of Naxos, a very small and friendly, local-feel island that few tourist get the chance to see, as well as snorkel in the clear waters along the coast. Finally, ferry to the island of Santorini, where we will of course discover the breathtaking cities of Oia and Fira, as well as local wine tastings, sunset kayak into the caldera, and explore some parts of the island off-the-beaten-path. Trip offer a truly special opportunity to combine Greek history, culture, photography, food, luxury and relaxation into one unforgettable journey through paradise! For more details, view Full Itinerary.


$5,150 + AIRFARE

Price includes: • Hotel Accommodations • All activities on Itinerary • Greek ground/water transportation • Breakfast everyday • 3 group-meals throughout trip.
Excludes: • All other meals • International airfare • Travel/Health/Cancellation Insurance.
Price per person, double hotel-room occupancy. Single-supplement: additional $1,850.
Deposit of $995/person reserves spot on trip. Remaining payment-in-full due 100 days prior to trip start date. View the registration process for more details.



All hotels are exceptionally nice, luxurious, and beautiful accommodations. We will be staying in excellent to superbly rated Greek Hotels, each carefully chosen by Adam DeSerio for their combination of charm, friendly staff, and perfect location close to everything. Each private room comes with a private bathroom and wi-fi access, and includes breakfast every morning. You will truly enjoy your hotel experiences in every city!


This small-group tour is exclusively for Terry’s Private Group to share and enjoy the beauty of Greece. A good balance of culture and tradition, touristic attractions, and food experiences as well, creating a rewarding all-inclusive experience. There is a moderate to adequate level of physical activity, such as carrying your bags up/down stairs and daily walking/exploring, but nothing too strenuous. Photographically, this is perfect for everyone from amateur to professional – from iPhone to top pro camera equipment. Adam will be sharing photography techniques to better capture the beautiful places in Greece, both working with the group and you individually.


  • Explore: Acropolis, Parthenon, Olympic Stadium, Syntagma Square
  • Group Cooking Lesson with Authentic Greek Cook
  • Tour of the Delphi historic site & Greek lunch
  • Explore the beautiful back-streets of Mykonos & Windmills
  • Private Sailboat Day and Tour of Delos Island
  • Naxos Island Discovery Away from Tourists & Sea Diving
  • Breathtaking Santorini Views & Photography
  • Santorini Countryside Wine Tour & Tasting
  • Perfect time of year: Beautiful weather & fewer tourists

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Terry’s Private Group! Only apply if you
have been invited by Terry & Adam, Thanks!
Sept. 1 – Sept. 12, 2020: 2 Spots Remain!

The Full Itinerary below outlines all activities, entrances, hotel nights, transportation, and group meals included throughout the trip. If you wish to arrive earlier or stay longer, Adam will be happy to assist with arranging accommodations and recommendation of activities/restaurants. Arriving at least one day early is highly recommend to get rested and change over to Greece timezone. Otherwise, plan to arrive on Sept. 1st between noon and 4pm. To return back to the US, you can either take a ferry from Santorini to Athens, or fly with a cheap European Airline from Santorini to Athens (Ryanair or Aegean Airlines) and then fly from Athens back home. Adam can help you determine the right option for getting back home once signed-up.


DAYS 1 – 4

Welcome to Athens… What better way to begin than where it all began! This amazing, beautiful, and clean city is truly a joy to explore, and provides a modern feeling while intermixed with the ancient architecture and historic sites. We will explore the city by foot & Hop-On Hop-Off bus. Followed by a whole day tour of the Delphi archeological site.


  • Welcome To Athens Group Appetizers & Drinks
  • Explore The Beautiful City Of Athens
  • The Acropolis & Pantheon Discovery & Photos
  • Delphi Archeological Site & Group Lunch
  • Sunset & Night Photography Opportunities
  • Cooking Class With Local Greek Chef
  • Athens Hotel (4 Nights)


DAYS 5 – 7

Travel by ferry from Athens to Mykonos in the morning. Enjoy exploring the unique and beautiful streets of Mykonos, taking in the photo opportunities and local shops. Discover the beautiful coastal walk along “Little Venice” and capture photos of the iconic Windmills of the Island. Take a private sailboat tour around the island and to the neighboring island of Delos, one of the largest archeological sites in the world.


  • Fast Ferry From Athens To Mykonos Island
  • Beautiful Streets And Local Shops
  • Relax Along The Sea, And Enjoy The Sunset
  • Photography Of The Iconic Windmills
  • Private Sailboat Tour & Snorkeling
  • Delos Archeological Site Private Tour
  • Mykonos Luxury Hotel (2 Nights)


DAYS 7 – 9

Travel from Mykonos to Naxos Island by fast ferry in the morning. Explore the beauty of the local town, and then take that exploration underwater with either snorkeling or watch from the beach as you relax with piña colada in hand; the choice is yours! Enjoy the amazing sunset over the city, and enjoy this break from tourist on this quaint island. Stay the night in a beautiful luxury suite along the water. Followed by a morning with locals along the port, and time to relax along the beach.


  • Fast Ferry From Mykonos to Naxos
  • Beautiful, Quaint City Away From Locals
  • Temple Of Apollo & Sunset Views
  • Snorkeling or Scuba Diving Along Coast
  • Relax Along The Beaches Of Naxos
  • Enjoyable Evening Along The Water
  • Naxos Suite (1 Night)


DAYS 9 – 12

Take the fast ferry to the port of Santorini, and begin the amazing discovery in paradise. Our amazing hotel in Oia allows us to be among the most picturesque town in world, and easily enjoy both sunrises and sunsets. Also visit the other beautiful town of Fira and enjoy beautiful views of the Caldera. Take our private van off-the-beaten-path and discover the countryside of Santorini, local vineyard tour and tasting of the finest Santorini wines. A sunset Kayak adventure into the Caldera and Santorini’s caves. A beautiful and perfect conclusion to our epic trip together!


  • Fast Ferry From Naxos to Santorini
  • Private Van & Driver
  • Special Wine Tasting / Vineyard Tour
  • Sunset Kayak Tour Into Caldera
  • The Most Amazing Photos Of Oia & Fira
  • Farewell Dinner & Trip Conclusion
  • Beautiful Black Sand Beaches & Local Towns
  • Beautiful Oia Hotel (4 Nights)




Enjoy traveling with the ease of your guide; Adam DeSerio. As a professional landscape photographer, tour guide, and avid traveler, Adam is excited to share these amazing locations in Greece with you. He is excited to share the local traditions, side-streets, and an intimate experience – something very unique to this excursion. You will be led to some of the very best locations, eat amazing food, and experience the romance of every city. Now, join Adam for the chance of a lifetime to experience Greece to the fullest. Whether returning, or your first time, Adam will guide you, share travel skills, and sightseeing like never before, all while in a small group style.

Adam is the son of renowned professional photographer, Lou DeSerio, who studied with Ansel Adams for many years and has been a landscape photographer for nearly 40 years. Adam has followed in his father’s footsteps and has been selling his photographs in galleries for over 15 years. Adam also has been teaching photography for 5 years; both in private photography workshops and as a guest lecturer at Northern Arizona University.


What Now: 


  • Step 1: Submit reservation application today! First come first serve!
  • Step 2: Receive notification of availability, and payment of $995 non-refundable deposit to secure reservation.
  • Step 3: Once deposit is received & trip has minimum of 4 travelers, notification to “purchase your airfare tickets” will be sent to you.
  • Step 4: Payment in full is due at least 100 days prior to the trip start date.
    • Trip Due Date: May 24, 2020.
  • Step 5: Start packing! You have one amazing trip ahead!

Registration Process & Deposit/Payment/Cancellations/Refunds:*

  • This excursion is limited to a minimum of 4 people, and a maximum of 8 people.*
  • Prices are per person. Rooms will be filled with double occupancy (single supplement additional cost: $1,850/person. Due in full at “due date”).*
  • Cancellations on your behalf: Cancellation Fee is $995, before “Due Date” as indicated above. (Once deposit and/or payment in full is received, there is a $995 non-refundable cancellation fee applied against your refund if you cancel before “Due Date”). Any cancellations on your behalf on/after “Due Date” are non-refundable. “Due Date” correlates to 100 days prior to trip start dates indicated above.*
  • Cancellations on behalf of DeSerio Global Ventures, LLC: At any time prior to or during excursion, DGV, LLC may cancel the excursion after which time a full refund for the excursion only will be made to all participants within 30 days following such cancellation.*

* Please see the Terms & Conditions agreement for additional information.