Beginning at age 5, Adam followed closely in his father’s landscape photography footsteps, and began selling photos in the family gallery, traveling, and learning the skills needed to capture the natural world around him. Quickly developing his unique eye and photographic ability, he was recognized as a winner of many photography contest, including a National Geographic photo contest at only 14 years old. The prize of this prestigious award was his first trip outside the country; two weeks in Australia. Discovering a distant land, yet feeling truly connected to the people and the landscape sparked a passion in Adam for travel like never before. Through the years, Adam’s photographic ability has flourished, and the list of countries he has explored is always growing. Having lived in Italy for over a year, and explored nearly 50 cities, Adam wanted to share the “true” Italy with people, the local perspective, the best food from the best restaurants cooked by the best grandmas in the neighborhood. He wanted people to feel like they lived there, even if only for a few weeks; so he put together the first small-group tour of “Experience Italy” and there we so many people interested he had to offer three tours in the same year. Taking the same idea that travel should be rewarding, educational, fun, and away from the big crowds of tourists,¬†Adam now continues to create and offer unique trips to Italy, as well as other places around the world. And if the tours being offered are still not enough to fulfill all your hopes and dreams, Adam does offer Private Tour Guiding and Custom Tour Creation for you and your group. As long as you have at least 5-8 people, Adam will gladly put together a tour for you that works with your schedule, and includes exactly where you would like to go and the type of travel experience you would like to have. Let us know if we can assist with any of your travel questions/needs: Click Here to Email DeSerio Tours