MAY 18 – MAY 31, 2025


Spots Left: 5

Journey Beyond! On this special journey through Northern and Southern Italy, you will experience the true magic of the Italian culture and people, eat amazing food, drink incredible wine, capture stunning images, and explore the greatest cities that will take your breath away at every turn. Journey Beyond what most tourists ever experience, and discover the “True Italy” – tasting and understanding the local cuisine, living the Italian lifestyle, and discovering the art and history that is over 2,000 years in the making. This is a unique opportunity to be led by Adam DeSerio, Italian-American guide and photographer, with a rich local knowledge and deep cultural understanding and passion for all that Italy has to offer. What makes this trip especially unique is the intimate size and nature of this Italian experience (Exclusive Group Size: Limited to 10 people max.). All aspects of the tour have been carefully thought out, planned, and curated specifically so you can arrive and enjoy the journey without needing to plan a thing. Adam has led tours in Italy for many years and speaks the language, providing you something very special compared to other tours. Dine at the best local restaurants with recommendations of specific dishes to enjoy, as well as learn some photography and gain valuable travel skills along the way.

We begin in the South of Italy, in the costal town of Sorrento, tasting authentic Napoli Pizza, Mozzarella, and Limoncello. We explore the ruins of Pompeii, the lost Roman civilization preserved by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD. Discover the sun-bleached peach, pink, and terracotta towns built along the cliffs, as we take our private van along the picturesque and romantic coastline of the Amalfi Coast, stopping in the towns of Minori, Amalfi, Ravella, and Positano. Explore one of the most beautiful and romantic islands in the world, where lemons grow larger than softballs, hundreds of flower varieties cover the island, and the Blue Grotto calls your name! Next, we step back into medieval history, and truly discover Siena, its Contradas and history of the famous Palio horserace, as well as a unique and exciting activities, unlike any tour could ever offer, as Adam shares his Italian home & city from a local perspective. We’ll explore the Tuscan Countryside North of Siena by private van, known as Chianti, as well as visit the historic villages of Monteriggioni and San Gimignano. We will be staying at the most beautiful Tuscan Villa on a working farm that produces their own pasta, wine, cheese, olive oil, honey, and much more, where we will also have a hands-on Tuscan Cooking Class and vineyard wine and olive oil tasting experience! Next, we explore the Cinque Terre costal villages along the Italian Riviera, learning to make Pesto, and discovering the beauty and charm of each city by land and by sea (private boat). Finally, we conclude in Milan, where we will appreicate the largest and most ornate cathedral in Italy, and enjoy an Aperitivo on our final night together. The trip offers a truly special opportunity to combine Italian history, culture, photo opportunities, and food & wine into one unforgettable journey! For more details, view Full Itinerary.


$7,350 + AIRFARE / MEALS

Price includes: • Hotel Accommodations • All Activities on Itinerary • Italian Ground Transportation on Tour • Breakfast Everyday • Welcome Dinner
Excludes: • All Other Meals • International Airfare • Travel/Health/Cancellation Insurance.

Price is per person, double hotel-room occupancy.
Single-Supplement Traveling as Pair: additional $2,225/each*
Single-Supplement Traveling Alone: additional $4,450.*

Deposit: $1,850/person reserves spot on tour. Once Sign-Up application is complete, you will receive invoice for non-refundable deposit. Remaining Payment-In-Full of 50% due 150 days prior to tour start date, 100% due 90 days prior to tour start date.
*Single Supplement fee due 50% on Sign-Up Date / 100% due 150 Days before Tour Start Date. View the registration process for more details.


  • Superbly rated Italian Bed & Breakfast Accommodations
  • Private Guide for Entire Trip (Adam DeSerio)
  • Sorrento & Pompeii Exploration
  • Private Van along Amalfi Coast, Positano, & Ravello
  • Private Boat Around Island of Capri & Blue Grotto Experience
  • Deep Cultural and Local Experiences in Siena
  • Tuscan Villa in the Countryside (Family Owned)
  • Multiple Hands-On Cooking Classes
  • Cinque Terre Coastal Discovery & Private Boat Tour
  • Milan Cathedral, Castle & Aperitivo
  • Perfect balance: Culture, food, activities, & photo opportunities
  • Perfect time of year: Beautiful weather & fewer tourists

– Click to View Adam’s Photos of Italy


What to Expect: This exclusive, small-group tour is for people looking to truly “experience” Italy, desiring everything Italy is known for, while also obtaining a local perspective. A perfect balance of culture and tradition, special access to touristic attractions, and amazing food/wine experiences along the way, creating a rewarding all-inclusive experience. There is a moderate level of physical activity, carrying your bags up stairs, and a fair amount of daily walking/exploring, but nothing too strenuous. Being a small group, we move at the pace everyone is comfortable with.

Perfect For: Travelers wanting to “go beyond” and do the things and see the places most tourists never get to. This tour is all about embracing the Italian ways and life, while discovering the hidden gems of Italy along the way. This trip is perfect for returning Italy travelers, those who have recently joined DeSerio Tour’s Experience Italy Tour, as well as first time Italy travelers. From the level of depth of information and history, to the hands-on experiences and special access to popular sights and attractions, Adam will share his passion of the food, culture, and story of Italy in a way like never before. With photo opportunities around every corner.

Age Range & Activity Level: Welcome to adult travelers of all ages; with many having recently retired, excited to travel, and physically active and able to casually walk several miles a day, as well as do stairs.



Accommodations: We stay in excellent to superbly rated Italian Bed & Breakfast Hotels, each carefully chosen by Adam DeSerio for their combination of Italian charm, friendly staff, comfort and amenities, and perfect location in the central-heart of each city. Each private room comes with a full private bathroom, wi-fi access, and includes a wonderful breakfast every morning. You will truly enjoy your hotel experiences in every city!

Photos of Hotel Rooms: Additional information & Photos of Accommodations:
Below is a link to an example of the types of Rooms, Bathrooms, Breakfast, Lobby & Staff you can look forward to on this amazing tour.
Click Here to View the Accommodations Page

Meals: Most meals are eaten together as a group at Adam’s top recommended restaurants and special local finds, and occasionally eaten family-style, allowing us to taste a variety of wonderful local dishes that make each region and city unique. Adam will share information, stories, and passion about the food with every meal. Average $50 person/day.

Why Do A DeSerio Tour?

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Food & Accommodations:

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Journey Beyond Italy Tour

May 18 – May 31, 2025

Spots Left: 5

Full Itinerary below outlines all activities, entrances, hotel nights, transportation, and group meals included throughout the Tour. Most days begin at 9am after breakfast and finish after dinner. There will be occasional free-time made available throughout the tour, while most days are filled with amazing activities, restaurants, and a full itinerary. Most days consist of daily walking around the cities, with frequent stops along the way to enjoy the views, delve into the activities, and live “La Dolce Vita” (the sweet life) in Italy!

Arrival Day & Time:  May 18, 2025  •  Arrive Anytime  •  Hotel Check-in: 2pm – 8pm
Airport:  Rome International Airport  (FCO)
Hotel included in Tour Package for this early-arrival rest-day (Day 0). We officially begin Tour after breakfast the next day (Day 1).
If you wish to arrive any day(s) earlier than this, please request at least 150 days prior to Tour Start Date.

Departure Day & Time:  May 31, 2025  •  Depart Anytime  •  Hotel Check-out: By 10am
Airport:  Milan International Airport  (MXP)



Included in the Tour is the Arrival Day, with the night at our Rome Hotel near the main train station. Please arrive on the arrival date listed for this tour. You can arrive anytime, however check-in may not be available until 2pm. Coming from the US, that means you will probably need to look for a flight that departs the US the day before, as the time zone difference and total flight time will require that. This first day, Day 0, is just a rest day, so you can be ready for the amazing journey we have ahead! The next day, Day 1, the Tour officially starts after breakfast.


  • Meet Your Guide
  • Hotel Check-in
  • Rest & Settle In
  • Rome Hotel (1 Night)


DAYS 1 – 5

Welcome to Italy… What better way to begin than in the South! As the top requested place to visit in Italy, there is no surprise why. Home to the invention of Pizza, and appreciated for its immense coastal beauty, welcoming local culture, and very distinct history influenced by both Roman and Greek Empires. Step back in time while visiting the ruins of Pompeii with Mt. Vesuvius as our background. Full day of food and cultural discover in Sorrento, tasting cheese, limoncello, and living La Dolce Vita (sweet life). Next, we travel by private van along the picturesque coastline of the Amalfi Coast, visiting Minori, Amalfi, Positano, and Ravella. Our travels continue by ferry for a full day to the Island of Capri. Known as the “Emerald Island,” Capri boasts incredible aqua-green waters that sparkle in the bright sun and more than 800 species of plants that flourish on the island. We will take a boat tour around the island, and special entrance to the Blue Grotto.


  • Welcome Group Dinner
  • Explore Historic Area of Sorrento
  • Taste authentic Pizza, Mozzarella & Limoncello
  • Visit Archaeological site of Pompeii
  • Private Van Along Amalfi Coast
  • Discover Minori, Positano, Amalfi, & Ravello
  • Experience Island of Capri & Blue Grotto by Boat
  • Breakfast Included at Hotel
  • Sorrento Hotel (4 Nights)


DAYS 5 – 7

Welcome to a special city that has remained virtually unchanged for nearly a thousand years, maintaining a truly medieval feel and traditions present around every corner. It is a step back in time, and a favorite city of all travelers! We will gain a much deeper connection to the local culture, history of the Palio, and the Contradas that make up this remarkable city. Adam has planned a series of surprises within the walls of the city that no tour could ever offer, creating an experience you will be talking about for the rest of your life. Let’s truly step back in time, and become like the Senese (people of Siena). Travel from Sorrento by train to Siena. Our time in Siena will be two full days and nights.


  • Highspeed Train From Sorrento to Siena
  • Discover unknown parts of Siena
  • Private Hands-on Historical Exploration
    of Contradas and The Palio History
  • Santa Maria della Scala Museum (0r)
  • Siena Cathedral, Crypt & Baptistry
  • Many Special Surprises Await You
  • Breakfast Included at Hotel
  • Siena Hotel (2 Nights)


DAYS 7 – 10

Board our private van, and journey north of Siena through the beautiful rolling hills of Chianti. From the remarkable hill towns of Monteriggioni and San Gimignano to the Castles and vineyards that decorate the land, we will explore a special area of the Tuscan Countryside. Enjoy the true Tuscan experience at our amazing Tuscan Villa on a working farm; with pasta, cheese, olive oil, and wine production all on the gorgeous property. A hands-on Tuscan cooking class, and educational, in-depth, wine tasting, pouring, and savoring, and olive oil tasting experience, are just a few things on our list that will connect you with Italy in a way like never before.


  • Private Van & Driver
  • Explore Chianti Region of Tuscany (Northern)
  • Discover Hill Towns: San Gimignano & Monteriggioni
  • Hands-On Cooking Class in Family kitchen
  • In-Depth Wine Tasting Experience
  • Landscape Photography Opportunities
  • 3 Full Days in the Countryside
  • Breakfast Included at Hotel
  • Villa Farm Stay at Agriturismo (2 Nights)
  • Florence Overnight Hotel (1 Night)


DAYS 10 – 12

After the final day in Tuscany, we will spend the night in Florence, as we prepare to travel North to the Cinque Terre. Along the Northern Coast of Italy, known as the Italian Riviera, the most beautiful, colorful homes built into the cliffs claim home to fishing communities for over 1,000 years. Not only does Cinque Terre offer a unique perspective into Northern Italian life, but also provides some of the most breathtaking views and food in all of Europe. We will explore the towns of the Cinque Terre, discovery the unique charm and beauty of each. Hands-On Pesto making experience, private boat along the coast at sunset, and amazing views in every direction, are just what the doctor ordered for the perfect Italian vacation.


  • Train to Cinque Terre
  • Discover Beautiful Coastal Towns
  • Private Boat Tour Along the Coast
  • Pesto Making Class
  • Unique Photography Opportunities
  • Coastal Shopping and Local Markets
  • Breakfast Included at Hotel
  • Cinque Terre Hotel (2 Nights)


DAYS 12 – 13

The final stop on our journey brings us to the fashion and business capital of Italy, and one of the more modern cities in Europe. However, this modernity is elegantly built around its historical monuments, including one of the largest Duomo Cathedrals in the world. We will also visit Castello Sforzesco (14th Century Castle), and Arco Della Pace (beautiful entrance Arch to the ancient city). Concluding our time by enjoy cocktails and food at the birthplace of the Aperitivo and reflecting on our new memories together before departing for home on the final day.


  • Train to Milan in the Morning
  • Explore Milan Cathedral & Historic Area
  • Castello Sforzesco & Central Park
  • Breakfast Included at Hotel
  • Milan Hotel (1 Night)
  • Depart Morning of Final Day from Milan (MXP)



Enjoy the ease and excitement of traveling with your passionate and experienced private guide for the entire trip; Adam DeSerio, an American born – Italian speaking travel enthusiast, adventurer, and landscape photographer.

Adam has lived and traveled in Italy over many years, gaining expert historical and local knowledge of all the trip locations. He is excited to share with you all the cultural traditions, main and side-streets, and share each city’s local secrets, something very unique to this tour. You will be led to some of the very best locations, eat amazing food, and experience a safe and local feel in every city. Now, join Adam for the chance of a lifetime to experience Italy to the fullest. Whether returning, or your first time, Adam will guide you with local knowledge, travel skills, and sightseeing like never before, all while in a small-group style that feels like a truly private tour.

Adam has been leading specialized, small-group and private tours in Italy, Greece and other countries for nearly a decade, sharing his expert knowledge of the culture, food, wine, history, and more! Adam is also the son of renowned professional landscape photographer, Lou DeSerio; who studied with Ansel Adams for many years and been selling his landscape photographs for over 40 years. Adam followed in his father’s footsteps and has been selling his own photographs in galleries since he was only 5 years old. Adam has spent his entire life capturing the world around him, traveling on and off the beaten path, taping into the deepest aspects of every location, and enjoys sharing the most amazing and most unique parts of the globe with people both as a photographer and as a travel organizer and tour guide.

The Process:

  • STEP 1: Submit Sign-Up application! First come first serve!
    – Click any blue box that says “Click to Sign-Up” and fill out the application for each Participant.
  • STEP 2: Receive and Pay Deposit to secure spot on Tour.
    – Non-refundable Deposit due within 48 hours of receiving. Additional: 50% of Single Supplement Fee due if applicable (non-refundable).
  • STEP 3: Pay 50% of Balance Due 150 Days Prior to Tour Start Date.
    – Additional: Remaining 50% of Single Supplement Fee due if applicable (non-refundable).
  • STEP 4: Purchase Flights between 150 – 90 Days Prior to Tour Start Date.
    This is the best recommended window of time to find a good deal on Flights, while also guaranteeing the Tour will happen & has minimum # of Participants.
  • STEP 5: Pay Remaining 50% of Balance Due 90 Days Prior to Tour Start Date.
    – Additional: Any additional fees, hotel nights, extension balances, etc. due if applicable.
  • STEP 6: Receive Packing Blogs/Info, Travel Tips, Arrival Info & Details.
    – DeSerio Tours will send emails, information, and details in the months leading up to the tour, helping you feel comfortable and informed.
  • STEP 7: Start Packing you Bags! You have one amazing journey ahead!

Timeline of Due Dates:

  • At Sign-Up: Registration & Deposit Due
  • 150 Days Before Tour Start: Dec. 19, 2024
  • 90 Days Before Tour Start: Feb. 17, 2025
  • Tour Start Date: May 18, 2025

Registration Process: Deposit/Payments/Cancellations/Refunds:*

  • This tour is limited to a maximum of 10 people.*
  • Prices are per person. Rooms filled with double occupancy (single supplements available in limited supply on first come first served basis).*
  • Single Supplement(s) are available in two forms: “Traveling As A Pair” (for two people traveling together but wanting separate rooms), and “Traveling Alone” (Single person traveling alone)*
  • If “Traveling As A Pair” Single Supplement is selected, individuals will become responsible for the full “Traveling Alone” Single Supplement fee amount if their travel partner in the pair cancels, opts-out, or does not complete the sign-up process*
  • Cancellations on your (Participant) behalf before Tour Start Date:
    • Greater Than 150 Days Before: Cancellation Fee equal to non-refundable Deposit, (plus 50% of Single Supplement fee when applicable)*
    • 150 Days – 91 Days Before: Cancellation Fee equal to non-refundable Deposit, plus 50% of Payment-In-Full amount, (plus 100% of Single Supplement fee when applicable)*
    • 90 Days or Less Before: Cancellation Fee equal to non-refundable Deposit, plus 100% of Payment-In-Full amount, (plus 100% of Single Supplement fee when applicable)*
    • Cancellation requests must be in writing and will be effective upon date of receipt by DeSerio Tours.
    • Cancellation deadline dates are based on the originally scheduled tour date, and are not reassigned due to Tour postponement or rescheduling.
  • Cancellations on behalf of DeSerio Tours, DBA of DeSerio Global Ventures, LLC: Please review the Terms & Conditions of this Tour for details.*
    • If canceled by DGV, LLC due to inadequate enrollment, notice will be sent no later than 90 Days prior to Tour Start Date, and a refund will be made available.*
    • If canceled by DGV, LLC for any other reason, a partial or full refund or credit may or may not be made available, according to the specific cancellations reasons
    and timing, as outlined in the Terms & Conditions.*
    • Due to the strict Cancelation Policy and Terms & Conditions of this Tour, it is recommended that each Participant obtain independent Travel/Health/Cancellation Insurance.

* Please see the Terms & Conditions agreement for additional information. By signing-up, registering, making payment(s) toward, and/or participating in, a Tour, you agree to all Terms & Conditions.