Questions other travelers are asking…

What’s the average age and fitness level of travelers?

Ages vary, but for the most part travelers tend to be between 35 – 65 years old, with adequate health and ability to walk several miles a day. We take everything at an enjoyable and relaxing pace, but there is just so much to see, do, and explore that you should expect to be active during most of the day.

What time does a normal day start and end?

We normally begin the tour/activities around 8:00am, just after we eat our wonderful breakfast. The tour/activities usually end around dinner time (8:00pm). Of course there will be some fun, optional morning/night activities and/or photo opportunities outside the “normal day times,” but that is completely up to you!

Will Adam take photos of us individually, and the group, and are those photos available for purchase?

Yes, and for free! I (Adam) take photos during the trip of the group and of you individually as you’d like, and offer all those photos to you via dropbox for free at the end of the trip. Any landscape photos I capture during the trip will be posted to my portfolio website, and can be purchased after we return to the U.S.

Any other questions…

If these FAQs have not answered your question(s), please feel free to ask me directly, and I will get back with you as soon as I can.