Planning for a big trip somewhere new can be both very exciting, as well as a bit intimidating, however, one way to reduce those concerns of the unknown or unexpected is through Travel Insurance. Now, there are several different types of insurance available for travelers; from health insurance coverage, to trip delay and lost baggage insurance, to trip cancelation insurance. Some can be secured individually, while others offer packages that include it all. In this article we share a little bit more information on some of the options that may be available, and some of the ways you can secure such insurance, to try and simplify things. Please note that although DeSerio Tours does not require its Participants to obtain insurance, it is still recommended. The information contained in this article is strictly for informational purposes, and it is ultimately each Participant’s sole responsibility to decide if or if not to obtain such insurance as Travel, Health, or Cancelation Insurance, the degree of coverage, and the provider(s).

Important Note: Many insurance providers require that you secure their offered insurance within a specific time period of your first deposit/expense made toward a Tour/Trip. Please check with your intended provider(s) for such time frame requirements to assure your eligibility. Also, when comparing single-trip travel insurance, look for important criteria that can help ensure you’re getting the protection you want and need.


Review your existing homeowners plan and health insurance plan; especially for travel, as recommended by the US Travel Insurance Association. These existing plans that you already work with may already offer some coverage of personal effects & medical emergencies when traveling. Otherwise, they may offer a temporary or partial addition to your policy for such coverages during your travels for a small additional cost.


Contact your Credit Car company, if you are a credit card holder & user. Ask if there is any travel insurance provided with your card. Many major credit card companies offer different forms of travel related insurance, pertaining to particular elements of travel when the service and/or product is paid using said card, such as rental car insurance, baggage delay or loss insurance, trip interruption or cancelation insurance, and even sometime health insurance. For example: if you book a flight with your credit card and the airlines loses your baggage; your credit card company may cover the value of the lost items, and/or a credit to purchase new items. Be sure to inquiry as to your specific credit card coverage and policies.


Obtain several quotes from separate travel insurance companies. Prices can vary widely between providers.


Check to see if the travel insurance plans that you’re comparing offers the specific coverage you want that’s not already covered by your current insurance coverage or credit card. Generally, you can get coverage in four major categories: trip cancellation, baggage coverage, emergency medical assistance, and accidental death. Each of these categories includes subcategories outlined in fine print of each plan. For example, some may cover dental while on your trip while others don’t. If pre-existing conditions are of consideration, check with plans for coverage.


Ask about waiting periods and claims. Plans come in either primary or secondary formats. Primary means the travel plan reimburses you immediately and directly, while secondary coverage requires you to make a claim through your primary insurance, such as your health plan, first. The shorter the waiting period, and the faster the claims process, the better.


Compare the prices, if all other factors of the insurance plan are relatively equal. You can expect to pay anywhere from 5 to 15 percent of the total cost of your trip to fully insure in the ways that you want covered, varying due to certain factors like your age, length of insured time, and other risk factors.

Potential Insurance Providers:

Below is a short list of a couple companies and links that past travelers have used and come with high reviews and recommendations from them and other sources online. Feel free to check the links out, or at least use them as a starting point to begin your search for the right coverage and plan for you.

First recommended travel insurance company, Seven Corners:

Another possible travel insurance company to compare, Allianz Travel Insurance:

This link provides an opportunity to view many travel insurance companies based on customer-selected criteria: